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ADA, Inc. is located in sunny southwest Florida off historic McGregor Blvd in Fort Myers. Advanced Dental Appliances Inc, produces high quality dentures, attachments, implants and other dental technology for things like T.M.J, partials and implants.

After decades of looking at and repairing dentures and other oral implants, Mr. Chebl N. Zoghbi, M.D.T. felt there might be better tools developed not only to assist in his day to day routine of creating and repairing, but also end user tools that could perhaps help prevent some of the damage and wear that was occurring. 

With almost 40 years of formal training and experience as a Dental Technologist, Mr. Zoghbi began the research and development of several toothbrushes and other dental appliances that will help those in need. Helping prevent tooth decay for individuals who still have their own teeth, and increasing the cleanliness and overall condition of those with dentures or other oral fixtures became the doctor's every day passion.

Advanced Dental Appliances, Inc is proud to currently have 4 patents, and we are confident each of our tools will help in the overall oral hygiene of any person.

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The "Temporomandibular Joint," more commonly referred to as the "jaw joint," assists in the basic opening and closing movements of the jaw. 
We build products to help with this. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do.



Removable partial dentures usually consist of replacement teeth attached to  gum-colored plastic bases. Call today for more details.


We place a wide variety of dental precision attachments. Please give us a call our use the contact form to find out all that are available.



We produce high quality dentures for our customers. Please call us today to see how we can help your dental practice.

Implants & Implant Bar


Advanced Dental Appliances can create your patients all things related to implants. Please contact us today to find out all the details of how and what we do for dentists.

Advanced Dental Appliances


Shop our selection of toothbrushes and see what other innovative dental appliances are coming soon. 

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ADA, Inc. is located in sunny southwest Florida off historic McGregor Blvd in Fort Myers. Advanced Dental Appliances Inc, produces high quality dentures, attachments, implants and other dental and oral technology.

After decades of looking at and making dentures and other oral implants, Chebl N. Zoghbi, M.D.T. felt there might be better a toothbrush developed to help prevent plaque that causes tooth decay and some of the damage occurring. Also, a better tool would help clean the tongue and mouth more efficiently resulting in fresher breath. 

Chebl N. Zoghbi, M.D.T.

Dental Technologist

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Rotatable Tooth and Tongue

Best access to teeth and cleaning position that is held at a 90 degree angel for effective tongue cleaning with less gagging.

More effective than the conventional manual toothbrush, yet more gentle on gum-tooth than an electric toothbrush.

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